Automated Pill Dispenser for Seniors

automated pill dispenser for seniorsSafety
MedReady Automated Pill Dispenser conveniently utilizes AC power, but in the event of an outtage or short-term travel, switches automatically to included rechargeable batteries.

MedReady Automated Pill Dispenser is tamper-proof to provide the maximum in security. Instead of employing a latch, our system utilizes a real lock and key, and the edges are secure. With access by key-only, caregivers can load MedReady and monitor patient compliance.

Useable Clock
The extra large LED read-out is easily viewed from any angle and is self-illuminating so it can be seen in any light.

Medication Card Holder
MedReady Automated Pill Dispenser provides a card holder on the bottom of the unit for a printed copy of the prescriptions for all medications in the dispenser.

Easy-to-Set Alarms
Setting the timers and alarms is as easy as setting a digital alarm clock.