Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Alert Systems

What is live two-way Voice Communication?

Using On-Call’s two-way voice communication system, we can speak live to anyone in the home within seconds of receiving an emergency signal. Our highly trained operators can then hear what is happening on the premises to see if anyone is in trouble and needs help. We can immediately dispatch emergency services, AND call a loved one or neighbor to alert them to the situation.

If I press the help button, and I cannot respond to the operator, will you still send help?

Yes. If we cannot hear you over the two-way voice system, the On-Call operator will immediately call your emergency contacts (friends, family, neighbor, etc) AND dispatch emergency services. However, you may request that we take a different action, so if you have specific instructions for us, be sure to mention them when you speak to an On-Call representative. Every customer has unique needs and we customize your system for you!

Can I bring my Emergency Button into the shower?

Yes. Our lightweight transmitter button is completely waterproof, giving you maximum mobility and flexibility inside your home. You can use it in the shower or bathtub.

Will the Help Button work if I am away from my home?

No. Generally, you must be inside your home for the system to work. However, depending on the size and layout of the house or apartment, it is usually possible for you to use the system in your front yard or back yard. Our highly qualified installation team member will check the range of your system during your installation.

Does my On-Call System have other uses?

Yes! You can use your On-Call unit to play a reminder message to perform a certain task or take a medication. You may record up to 8 messages and you can program how often, and at what time they play. There’s also an optional activity timer that is programmable for 8, 12, or 24 hours.

I want to order On-Call for a Family Member. Can I pay for it and arrange the billing to go to my address?

Yes! The On-Call system makes a great gift for family and friends. If you are ordering the service for someone else, be sure to mention this to the On-Call representative when placing your order so they can properly set up the billing for you.

Is there a long-term contract I have to sign?

No, there is no annual contract with On-Call. If you wish to terminate the service, simply give us a call, or inform us in writing, and we will cancel the service. Some companies ask for contracts between one and three years.

What about a warranty?

On-Call provides a FREE Lifetime Warranty. There is no charge for labor or replacement parts and equipment.