How Our Emergency Medical Alert System for Seniors Works

emergency medical alert systems for seniorsOn-Call Medical Alerts allows you to be in contact at all times.

For help simply press the small, wireless button worn around your neck or wrist and our trained staff will then initiate a two-way conversation and attempt to determine the nature of the distress call.

If you can respond they will follow your directions. In the event you cannot respond, or be heard, they will dispatch medical personnel and contact those people you’ve designated on your custom call list.

As a special feature, the On-Call Console Unit can record and play up to eight 15-second audio reminder messages. The reminder messages can be used to help the subscriber remember to take medications, call someone, get ready for an appointment, etc. Each message is controlled by a real time clock and can be programmed to play daily, every other day, weekly, or monthly. Reminder messages are played and repeated in three-minute intervals for either 15 or 30 minutes (programmable) until canceled. Messages can also be programmed for single-play. Additionally, the optional activity timer can be set for 8, 12 or 24 hour operation or disabled. The emergency alarm will trigger automatically if the time set elapses before an activity transmitter is triggered or the Console's HOME button is pressed.